Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Infiltrative Lime Green

Sometimes, you’re drawn to colors as an artist and have no real explanation for your choices. For me, that color is lime green. The Bullseye Glass Co. calls their version of lime green “spring green;” but, it’s still lime green to me. Even though the control freak in me usually plans things down to the minutiae, I don’t necessarily plan out the color schemes when work with glass. I sometimes grab glass colors that speak to me at the moment and design on the fly.

Interchange:  Elegant Writer and a lime green NeoColor II water-soluble wax pastel on watercolor paper.
My friend, Laura Brackenis the master of restraint. I confess that I’m not really good at restraint. In most cases, that “stop now” moment only occurs after I add lime green to a piece. It’s a simple solution to every problem. If the piece isn’t working, I add lime green. It doesn’t matter if the piece starts out as red, purple, blue, or orange. In the end, lime green infiltrates into almost all of my work.
One of my favorite pieces -- Bullseye, Wasser, and dichroic glass with enamel.
I do wear a lot of green. Even lime green. It goes against all of my “autumn” color scheme; but, I don’t care. Lime green is a such a happy color. Almost every other color has a sad version -- dusty pink, colonial blue, mustard yellow. There’s no sad version of lime green.
Bullseye and Wasser glass with enamel.
The pendant I use as my profile picture online is one of my favorite pieces that I’ve made. It’s one of the few that I’ve actually kept. Of course, it has lime green. I know that all of the artists are advised to put up pictures of themselves so their online buyers can feel more of a connection to the work. I’m pretty shy and don’t really play well with others; so, I don’t think I’ll be doing that. I’ll just put up my favorite piece I’ve ever made instead. There. That is me.
Bullseye, Wasser, and dichroic glass with enamel
My profile piece -- Bullseye, Wasser, and dichroic glass with enamel.
I’ve been playing around with color schemes for my website for a while now. The problem is that I seem to love all colors. How do you select a color scheme for your brand? I don’t really know. I think I need some professional graphics designer to help me with that one. The only thing I do know is that I must use lime green. It wouldn’t really represent me without it. I started out using a lot of turquoise and lately I’ve been coming back to it.  Maybe turquoise would be appropriate too in this transitional period in my work. Maybe turquoise and lime green.  Well, definitely lime green.

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