Friday, April 1, 2016

Transitional Turquoise

Turquoise and Lime Green Watercolor Study.
I love the color turquoise even though I don’t really wear it very often -- except jewelry, of course. Even so, the color turquoise keeps popping into my head when I consider colors for the farmhouse. I know that’s an odd color choice when my farm is landlocked in the mountains. Maybe it’s a transitional color for me -- signifying the change in my life from a sophisticated urban life to a more simple country life.
Fused Art Glass Pendant -- Bullseye and Wasser Glasses With Enamel.
I don’t really spend a lot of time outside in the city; but, the farm has a lot of reasons to pull me outside. I know the sky isn’t technically turquoise -- it’s azure. Turquoise has more green in it; but, turquoise is a combination of the colors I see at the farm: the azure sky combined with the green of the fields. The view at the farm is a deconstructed turquoise.
Fused Art Glass Pendant -- Bullseye and Wasser Glasses With Enamel.
Turquoise can be a little overwhelming. I don’t think I’d be comfortable in a completely turquoise room. Maybe I’ll just start small… Like the steps to the basement -- see how I like it in real life. Who knows, maybe the whole farmhouse really wants to be turquoise.
Fused Glass Pendant -- Bullseye and Wasser Glass With Enamel.
I do make and sell quite of bit of turquoise and turquoise-colored jewelry. Real turquoise is a big seller for most jewelry designers. It’s a calming color. No one has ever walked into my booth and said, “I’d NEVER wear turquoise.” The same can’t be said for other colors… like orange or yellow. Turquoise is my third bestselling color after posh purple and sophisticated teal.
Polymer/Wood Pin With Paint.
I tend to sell more turquoise glass than I do real turquoise. That’s probably because I make more glass jewelry than stone jewelry. It’s part of that ethical sourcing dilemma. It’s just so much easier to buy Bullseye glass than it is to track where the stones come from and then test them to see if they’re real and/or adulterated. Glass is just, well, unabashedly glass. It doesn’t try to impress with a pedigree (real or made up). It’s just sand and some minerals. I’ve included a few of my favorite turquoise-colored glass pendants for your enjoyment. So, enjoy.
Fused Art Glass Pendant -- Bullseye and Wasser Glasses With Enamel.

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